Van Urartu Museum

The Urartu Museum, which will house many Urartu artifacts found in and around what was the Urartu Kingdom. Museum halls will showcase some of the art and technology they produced.  The concept for the museum begins with the desire to create a historical museum effecting the future. The  multi-functional spaces that not only provides for the exhibition of art, but also provides understanding  about the history and interaction between the artifacts and the audience.

The museum will break with the traditional meaning of a museum and seek to widen the horizons between the history and public. The remaining program of educational, workshop, office, and library spaces are organized between the ground level functions and exhibition space.

The main concept is telling the different halls are shifting through the surface. Besides, they have different levels of roof heights. These exhibition halls provides the transitions and they make outdoor spaces while shifting through each other. The landscape design is the continuity of this shifting and leveling too. All the landscape design is thought with the land of Van Castle and its impact on the site.




Van, Turkey

Project Year


Construction Period


Build Area

12.000 sqm


Van Special Provincial Administration