Nevşehir University Sports Hall

Nevsehir University Campus was established on the way to Avanos about 10 km away from the city center on the north. Nevsehir University Sports Hall which is in the process of formation and structuring was designed to meet the campus requirements for social and sports needs as well as the city of Kayseri. The project stands out with its technical competence as well as its architectural difference. The organic circular shape of the state of Cappadocia region forms into modern lines in design. The design attracts attention by dominant colors as white, yellow and black on the topography of Cappadoccia region which is in pastel colors.

Dynamism, excitement and adrenalin concepts are emphasized considering that the complex is a sports center within the university campus with a very young user profile. The yellow colored lines that surround around the white shell structure support these features. These lights maintain the same effect with special lighting systems at night.

Sports Complex

Sports Complex


Nevsehir, Turkey

Project Year


Construction Period



1.000 spectators

Build Area

8.000 sqm


Nevsehir University