Nevşehir Terminal

The intercity bus terminal was designed on the way to Aksaray, 5km away from the city center , due to the existing  bus terminal’s incompatibility to  handle the needs. The convenience of the linkage to the local road of Nigde and to the city center were the reasons why this area is preferred. The natural stone texture, indentation, natural fillings and gaps, amorphous and asylum, and sheltering urge compose the originating point of the structure in the mysterious topography of Cappadoccia. The protection and urge of shelter need of the passengers under the rainy weather conditions during the waiting hours is provided by the amorphous gaps within the fairy chimneys.


The characteristics of the amorphous gaps on the shell structure was improved  by clinging  a rectangular form. A second facade was configured and pulled 5m back on the rectangular form which is composed of the outer shell structure that faces the passenger platforms and bus platforms. A semi open waiting area was created in order to protect the passengers under bad weather conditions. The visual relationship of the structure between the passenger lobby, waiting halls and the cafes was reinforced by the transparent surfaces that face the area.





Nevsehir, Turkey

Project Year


Construction Period


Build Area

8.000 sqm


Nevsehir Municipality