Konya City Stadium

Konya City Stadium, is designed with an approach of harmonizing the cultural codes with contemporary structure.  The exterior of the structure is in white-green colors which symbolizes the city football team.

Planning of the structure is based on UEFA criterias. The football field is covered with artificial turf that’s heated from below based on the FIFA and UEFA criterias. The top part of this area is covered with high technical featured materials which enables the arena to be used for different functions. The grandstands are reinforced with concrete, and roof and the facades are made of steel.

Athlete locker rooms, training areas, the referee and jury rooms and various size of rooms for media and VIP entrances are planned on the western grandstand which also has a main carrier made out of of concrete. Technical units and management offices are also in this region. Durable, robust and easy to clean aesthetic materials are used on the walls and on the ceiling. Athletes use this elevation to reach playground. The grandstands are 2 floored and designed to be in the form of an arch with 44 steps.

Audience, media, lounge, VIP, athlete, and security guards entrances and circulation areas are seperated from each other. The stair blocks of the upper and the lower grandstands are seperated. Radiant heaters are positioned under the roof for the audience comfort and a sub-heating system is used in order to protect the turf under heavy weather conditions.




Konya, Turkey