Kayseri West City Terminal

The idea of creating a district terminal came up due to the fact that the transportation access  difficulty of the existing travel agencies in the area and the traffic density that caused by the transportation vehicles in the city center and a western district and villages terminal was designed in the west of the city.


This structure is designed to be located on the local road which is 8 km away from the city center  where the new intercity bus terminal also exists. Convenience  of  the linkage to the new local road ,the linkage with the intercity bus terminal and the existence of the rail system axle near the city were the reasons of preferation for this area. 


The premier design criteria of the structure is creating different foyers  under the same structure to the passengers. For this reason transparent foyers are lodged  on a brut wall surface from two different directions in a ‘Z’ form .The perceiveness of the platforms is improved by the transparent foyers.


The structure which is designed on an area of 1,200 m2 has a construction area of 10,000. the county foyer and the platforms which place on the northern part  face the previous local terminal and the village terminal. The transition points are provided between the county and vilage terminals. The ticket offices are designed to be positioned independent from each other. The wet areas and the technical buildings are configured at the same spot for both terminals. the terminal management office , agency offices, security offices, kiosks, mosques,restrooms  and technical offices are within the passenger foyer of the county terminal.




Kayseri, Turkey

Project Year


Construction Period


Build Area

1.500 sqm


Greater Municipality of Kayseri