Kadir Has Convention and Sports Center

Kadir Has Convention Centre and Sports Hall is located within the area that is known as the exhibition area in Kayseri. The construction area of the project  is 20,000 m2 on a  40,000 m2 of land. The main carrier is reinforced with concrete and the roof facade carriers are made of steel. The structure which has an audience capacity of 7500 people was designed in accordance with modern and international standards. The structure is located in the center of the domain in order to provide transportation  from all directions and the exterior area is evacuated for pedestrians. Audience parking lots support the pedestrian area which surround the structure.

The building was designed as in the minimum size requirement of a modern hall. Main hall is formed elliptically and  aimed to create a focal approach from all directions. All kinds of visual, audio and technical equipments  are provided in  modern and international standards at the structure.  New technology products which are heating, cooling and fire extinguishing systems are also configured. The building hosted the Kayseri foot of the 2010 World Basketball Championship and got an A from the FIBA delegation.

Sports Complex

Sports Complex


Kayseri, Turkey

Project Year


Construction Period



7.500 spectators

Build Area

20.000 sqm


Greater Municipality of Kayseri